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5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
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125 lbs (57 kg)
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Tanya Tate
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British Porn Star Tanya Tate Is Ever Comic Book Geek's Living Goddess When She Gets Into Her Cosplay!

Even without her pioneering work merging comic book cosplay to the porn industry, blond British bombshell Tanya Tate was a fan favourite since her entrance in the adult industry in 2009. In the three short years since then she has already made more than 125 porn films, as well as directing three herself! She won porn awards for MILF of the Year and Best Sex Scene, and recently authorized the distribution of a Tanya Tate Fleshlight. She talks about her namesake sex toy, saying, "Now that my own Fleshlight is a reality, fans can really have me in the palm of their hands and have an intimate Tanya Tate experience. The attention to detail and quality in a Fleshlight is unmatched. I'm very proud to be a Fleshlight girl and look forward to making sure all my fans know they can now have my pussy anytime they want." Perfect for use while watching her porn!

Cosplay Has its Champion!

Beginning in 2010 when Tanya Tate showed up at the San Diego Comic-Con dressed in an extremely revealing Fantastic Four costume, she has quickly become the first name in porn star cosplay. This meant that she was immediately worshipped by the millions of comic book geeks around the world whose interests in comics was suddenly legitimized. Consequently, she has been a huge draw at conventions since then, and even held a contest where the geek who designed her next costume got a lunch date with her. Why didn't I finish that sewing class?! Dammit!

No Regrets!

Tanya Tate had a television show in 2010 called "Tanya Tate's Sex Tour of Ireland", where she filmed softcore and hardcore scenes with random guys. One of the guys turned out to be a soccer star named Greg Jacobs. His response when asked about his appearance was, "I don't regret doing it." Yeah, no shit. You'd regret it if you hadn't!

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