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We Want YOUR Traffic!

Basic Rules:

  • We accept traffic from your Tubes, TGP's, Blogs, etc...
  • Traffic is accepted only from legal sources. Usage of codecs, spyware, adware is strictly forbidden and will not be accepted or tolerated.
  • We do not accept any kind of blind traffic.
  • We will accept some popup and popunder traffic if reviewed and pre-approved.
  • It's forbidden to open our clips in frames and i-frames.
  • We are looking for a minimum of 50,000 or more unique visitors per day. You can get paid up to the following rates below for your traffic;

Earn up to $4 CPM

*Note prices are subject to quality and/or country.
*All Source and will be reviewed on a case by case or performance bases using a sample testing period.
* reserves the right at anytime to change these prices with 24 hours notice to any active clients sending traffic.

If you want more information on joining our Partnership Program please contact us at: [email protected]