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Is Siri Going To Be North America's Next Big Pornstar? says yes! She has the body, the 32 HH tits and she loves to fuck. That’s is a lethal combination when it comes to making it in porn. Oh yeah, Siri also has a pretty face and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.



Siri's Swinging Ways Led Her To Porn


Although Siri is happily married, she and her husband love to swing! And her love of sex naturally led her to a career in porn. She has characterized her swinging experience as non-judgmental, free, and liberating. Wow, one of the world's hottest chicks has an open mind and loves sex!



Siri Joins The Vicky Vette Network (VNA!)


If you don’t believe Siri will be the next big thing, then you should talk to mega star Vicky Vette! Vicky only signs the cream of the crop for her network and of course recently snapped up Siri. Surprising? Not at all. And we at can’t wait for the day when Vicky Vette, Siri, and Puma Swede decide to share the screen!



Dave Kingsley: Congratulations on your recent honors: a 2013 AVN Best New Starlet Nomination, finishing 3rd Overall in the 2013 Miss FreeOne’s contest, and you’ve just been named the newest VNA Girl in Vicky Vette’s network. How does it feel to be recognized for your work?

Siri: It let’s me know I’m doing something right. When I started in this business, I never wanted to be just another girl who fucks on film. I felt I had something to offer that has more depth and more resonance for the audience. The recognition tells me that my work is achieving that status and I’m reaching the people who will help me make this a career, not just a job. I am extremely honored that Vicky Vette invited me to join the VNA Girls and entertain a larger army of fans.


DK: Can you tell us about the mainstream film you were in that was released recently: Ooga Booga? How did you get involved in that film?

Siri: A porn star friend of mine, Mika Tan, was actually contacted about the role, but wasn’t available on the shoot date so she referred me for the part. It was a happy accident, really. And I’m so glad it did happen, because working on the film was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity. If you want to know more about the film...I hope the director, Charles Band, will let me work for him again down the road!


DK: What other mainstream projects are you working on at the moment?

Siri: At the moment I’m only working on my porn career: building a membership site, doing my clips4sale store, and doing my weekly YouTube video blog. I’d love to do more mainstream work and I continue to put myself out there for those opportunities.


DK: What was it like moving to Los Angeles?

Siri: It’s quite a change of pace! I love it here, though. I love the weather, and the people are much nicer than I expected (though still not as nice as Texans). I do not, however, like the traffic.


DK: Your first shoot was last February 2012? What was your first experience in front of the camera like?

Siri: It was a total adrenaline rush. I loved every second of it, and I knew instantly that I had made the right career choice for myself!


DK: What do you love about being a swinger?

Siri: Getting to experience new things sexually in a non-judgmental, very free and open environment. It’s extremely liberating.


DK: You are happily married! How important has your husband been in respect to your career in porn?

Siri: His support has been essential to the success I’ve had. If we had both been on some other path and I hadn’t met him, I still would have eventually decided to move to California and do adult films, but things would be very different. This job is a blast, but it does make you feel like you’re under a microscope sometimes, and I couldn’t exaggerate the importance of having a supportive, understanding partner to go through it all with me.


DK: What are some current projects related to porn that you are working on now?

Siri: I shoot as many scenes as I am offered, such as my upcoming first creampie scene. I am always open to consider offers for my first interracial film. And I am diligently creating my website to launch as part of the VNA Network of performer websites. It will be my exclusive membership site and the location for fans to find content filmed just for them. These are the scenes I produce and perform in that I own and which don’t appear on any other sites.


DK: You have a great blog and are very open with your fans. How’s it helped grow your brand in porn?

Siri: I think in a certain way, my blog IS my brand. My fans who follow my blog and twitter and read some of what I have to say there, they feel like they know me. They know how I think and how I see the world and what makes me tick. AND they know what I look like naked, having sex. I’d like my fans to think of me like an onion: many layers! ;)


DK: What attracted you to porn? Can you tell us a little a bit about your transition from civilian life to porn star?

Siri: The sex (obviously) and the openness of porn attracted me. I repressed myself sexually all through my adolescence and lost my virginity relatively late at 18, but behind the walls I’d put up, I was really kind of studying sex and paying very close attention to how it all seemed to work. I read sex columns online and books about sex. I masturbated a lot, too. By the time I got into porn at 23, it was a really smooth transition.  It helps that I have a performer personality.


DK: What are some interesting jobs that you had before getting into porn?

Siri: I’ve had a lot of typical college student-type odd jobs... I worked in an ice cream shop, I was a barista, I worked at a movie theater. Nothing extremely cool, haha.


DK: What was your original career path before porn? Do you still think about getting onto that path again the future?

Siri: It was pretty much always to be an adult film performer. It was just a matter of time, and having the courage to make the leap. I mean, I went to college for communications and Spanish language studies, and I finished school, but sort of begrudgingly because the entire time there was a voice in the back of my head going “You don’t really want to do this for a living... you want to be in porn!”


DK: What has been the craziest sexual experience that you have ever been involved in?

Siri: A gang bang at a swinger party in my personal life (before porn)!


DK: Do you have any mentors in porn? If so, who are they and how have they been helping you?

Siri: Vicky Vette has been such a wonderful mentor to me. We met at the Adultcon convention in LA last summer and she’s given me the most valuable information related to working in this industry.


DK: What is a celebrity that you would love to have sex with? Why?

Siri: I wanna do Jennifer Lawrence! Please, please, please! But who doesn’t. She’s the girl of the moment, and rightfully so, because she’s so real and incredibly beautiful. I also have a gigantic crush on Paul Rudd. I would do crazy things to have sex with Paul Rudd!


DK: What is your favorite sex position and why?

Siri: Doggy. I truly love getting pounded from behind. I just do!


DK: What has been the importance of branding and marketing yourself in the adult industry?

Siri: It’s everything in this industry, in my opinion. You have to market yourself to the fans so they can see what makes you different from all the other nice tits and pretty faces. If you can brand yourself and market yourself successfully, as long as there’s a demand to see you in new things, the production companies will hire you as often as they can.


DK: It’s obvious that Social Media including Twitter and Tumblr are invaluable to your career. What are some tips that you can offer readers out there in effectively using social media in building their careers?

Siri: Use it constantly. Be nice to other people on social media; don’t use twitter as a way to discuss your personal issues in public because it will warp the way your fans see you. And dear gawd, please do not buy twitter followers. The people I’ve talked to who did that all came to regret it in the end. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone buys followers, anyway... and then you just look silly. Other than that just be yourself! Talk about things you like and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Post a tit pic every so often. You can’t go wrong there, haha.


DK: You have mentioned in a recent interview that your goals are to have your own membership site and perhaps your own production company. What are you doing to achieve these goals?

Siri: I’m so excited to be working on my membership site. In a way this will feed into building my production company, because I am producing all of the content that will be available on my members site. Not a lot of people realize that I edit all of my videos myself. I absolutely love editing video and I want to know as much about it as possible so I can keep getting better!


DK: How would your production company differ from others out there today?

 Siri: First of all, I intend to produce porn with a high production value, which doesn’t always  mean high budget; it just means investing the time to get it right. I like the idea of focusing on reality in porn... by that I mean real girls. I don’t mean only all-natural physically, though I will feature plenty of women like that. I mean girls with real personalities who are expressive and open, the way I am. The kind of porn I won’t produce is the kind where each scene seems to be formatted the same, just with different girls, and the girls are encouraged to act like sex robots and nobody cares if they have a real orgasm just as long as they make enough noise. There’s too much porn like that, and none of it is real.


DK: Do you think the Internet is helping or destroying the porn industry?

Siri: Not necessarily destroying, but maiming. The Internet is forcing porn to find new ways to survive and to be profitable. It’s still a challenge to be profitable in this industry. It frustrates me on a daily basis but I just think about the positive potential and then I feel better about it, haha.


DK: What do you believe the future of porn is?

Siri: Interactivity. We have the technology to make porn a much better, more satisfying experience than “turn on computer, 5 seconds later you’re jacking off sitting in your office chair in the dark, alone, and you blow your load into a tissue 10 minutes later.” Sex is at its core about having fun and connecting physically with other human beings. There’s nothing creepy or shameful about watching porn and getting off to it, and soon enough the experience of watching porn will be so much the opposite of that. In that same respect I believe porn is headed for more widespread acceptability. We’ve already seen that progress with stars like James Deen and Sunny Leone being media figures outside of adult films.


DK: What is something people don’t know about you?

Siri: I hate all bell peppers. If I eat just a tiny bite of a bell pepper, I’ll have an upset stomach for a whole day. I have no idea why I react that way to them, but I avoid them like the plague for that reason!






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