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5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Hair Color
112 lbs (51 kg)
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Sandie Caine
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Sandie Caine Hopes That She Gets At Least a Little Anal Sex in Her MFF Threesomes!

You have to respect an anal sex loving pornstar like Sandie Caine who always seems to find a way to have it in her porn scenes, even if it's in one of her MFF threesomes. At first I thought it was just because ass fucking has become so popular in the last ten years, but then I did some digging. Not as deep as the cocks that spelunk in Sandie Caine's ass, but a fair bit. In an interview she gave, she was asked about her butt stretching proclivities. She responded, "I forget which year, but 'American Bukkake' was one of the craziest shoots I ever did. 63 guys came up my ass." I guess it must have turned her into an anal sex addict, because now it's hard to find a scene where she doesn't take a cock up the pooper. Take, for example,'s free porno "Sex in the Stables." She and Ashley Blue both open up their behinds to a meaty cock and love it!

Speaking of Anal...

In another interview, she was asked about why she loves ass sex so much. She elaborated on her addiction, saying, "Anal sex is probably the easiest way for me to cum. There's so many logistics to deal with when doing it for films, and cock size is imperative, it has to be just right...but I find it easier to cum from anal at work than any other way." Now that's the perfect woman.

Stalker? She'd Rather Have a Cocker.

Sandie Caine had a stalker she talks about, saying, "He followed me absolutely everywhere. It was very creepy. It got to the point where he declared his undying love for me and I had to put my foot down and tell him he was fucked up and to leave me alone." In my defense, I felt we had a real connection.

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Sex in the Stables
Sex in the Stables
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More Videos Coming Soon
More Videos Coming Soon
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