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5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Hair Color
116 lbs (53 kg)
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Melody Nakai
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You can catch Melody Nakai in ebony porn videos, but we recommend her non-racial scenes first.

The exotic and alluring Melody Nakai is the product of both black and asian ethnic backgrounds. This gives her an incredible look that is completely unforgettable. Not many pornstars get to have their solo masturbation videos classified as interracial porn. Most of her video work plays on her African-American heritage, but you'll still see her getting down with her Asian sisters from time to time. In the best kind of sex video work we've seen from this lovely lady, she's there as a woman first and black woman second. And a black woman who loves multiple cumshot facials only third.

We would say that Melody Nakai is just an average girl, but most average girls are pretty mediocre, so we'll say that she's like an average girl, but better.

Even though she presents on-screen as an incorrigible video slut, Melody Nakai is really quite laid back in real life. She likes to eat dinner with her mom and go see movies in the afternoon, and while she's a bit of clothes whore, like most porn stars, she's not an all-consuming materialist. She's been know to donate considerable money to the disadvantaged and has even handed out the occasional free merchandise to support various charity auctions and goodwill houses. See, the girl has a heart of gold to go with that ass of jelly - and she likes to fuck on our pornstar directory!

Next up for Melody Nakai, Booty Booty Booty: A Bootylicious Booty-Busting Booty Movie.

We love to see Melody Nakai get the shot to appear in any production without the word Booty in the title, as she can do a lot more than just be black for the camera. However, it's worth counting, for trivia at least, that the word booty appears in a really quite incredible 47 of her films. Forty seven. To compare: Meryl Streep has been in fewer movies ALL TOLD than Melody Nakai has been in ebony porn videos involving the world booty. Yikes. That booty has sure gotten itself some name recognition.






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