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5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Hair Color
110 lbs (50 kg)
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Kinzie Jo
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Kinzie Jo is a Mid-West Girl at Heart

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, blonde cowgirl Kinzie Jo's upbringing would have suggested a career in anything but porn. As she relates, "I grew up on a ranch just outside of Lincoln, in a town with less than eight hundred people. Despite all the traveling I do now for my job, I'm still a homebody at heart. I have to return home at least once every year or my life just doesn't feel right." On how she has found her way to porn, she brushes it off as more luck than choice, "I was visiting a few friends in Omaha and we snuck into a dance club, a man came up to me and started flirting with me, the man is now my agent." Hmm, I wish all girls were as open to this kind of indecent proposal as Kinzie Jo.

What Porn a Hard Career Choice for Kinzie?

Kinzie Jo was barely legal when she started in the adult entertainment industry, beginning at the tender age of eighteen, but she jumped into it with reckless abandon nevertheless, "I had never considered a career in porn to be a possible choice to be honest, but I was going through a slutty phase when my agent came up to me. I had just broken up with the only boyfriend I had in high chool, he was a really conservative Christian type, the three years that we dated he never went beyond fingering me lol." What a stupid stupid upstanding citizen her high school ex was. Jesus should slap him! She continues, "That probably played a big part in me getting into porn - some part of me wanted to get revenge on my high school boyfriend by sucking and fucking as many cocks as I could!" No man can argue with that logic. Kudos, nameless high school ex-boyfriend, you have made many men happy with your stupidity!

Kinzie Jo's Favorite Position?

"Doggy style looks the best on screen, with my butt arched up. It looks so hot when I'm being dominated like that, getting my hair pulled back. My fans would agree with me too, I think lol." LOL. But what about within the private confines of her own bedroom? "I like to be on top, facing my guy. I like being in control and I love it when I can tell exactly how my boyfriend is doing by looking at his dumb old face when I am riding him hard lol." LOL. Ever so wicked, our little blonde sexpot here, what cruel fate it would be to be tortured by this straddling cowgirl! LOL.

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Kinzie Jo Loves Blow Jobs
Kinzie Jo Loves Blow Jobs
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More Videos Coming Soon
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