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5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Hair Color
134 lbs (61 kg)
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Dayna Vendetta
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Real women have curves. And the realest women have them like sex goddess Dayna Vendetta.

In an environment that still has a real fascination for little ladies that look like they're made out of coathangers and paper bags, it's nice to see a pornstar with the curves and femininity of a Dayna Vendetta. Not only does this woman have the perfect pair of big tits, and a stage name like she stole it from a James Bond villainness, but she knows how to work the dick between her creamy thighs and can moan and coo like an opera star. These are skills they don't just hand out to every 95 lb weakling who wants to blow a dude on camera. Dayna Vendetta is the real deal - watch her tit fuck today!


Sex video vixen and all-around entertainer Dayna Vendetta knows how to tell a joke.

Not only can Dayna Vendetta make a dick feel like a houseguest worth celebrating in any of three warm holes, but she's also funny as all hell and a totally natural porn performer. She cracks more than her fair share of jokes in the lead-up to sex but knows to follow Ron Jeremy's rule: once the fucking starts, the jokes need to take a back seat. This is a wise lesson, as nobody wants to laugh with an erection, and if you start guffawing with a dick in your mouth, you're likely to cause someone some serious damage. Safety first, it's the Dayna Vendetta way.


Speaking of safety, we'd like to issue the following warning to fans of the Dayna Vendetta's big tits.

You can really enjoy Dayna Vendetta from any angle, but it's her girl-on-top stuff that's most compelling. Watching those two lovely lady lumps swing and dance as she gets her pussy stuffed on repeat is hypnotizing. Make sure to watch from a seated position, with nothing sharp or dangerous around you. You don't want to fall over, or slip into a blissful big tits porn-induced coma. I mean, there's worse ways to go surely, but you've got more xxx viewing to do first!


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