Duke University Freshman Outed as a Pornstar by Classmate

Earlier this week a Duke University freshman, now using the alias Lauren in the media, was outed by a classmate for being a pornstar. At a top 10 university such as Duke the cost of tuition is nearly $60,000 for just one year, so it’s no surprise that someone would take to the adult industry to pay for their education.





A Duke Freshman, Thomas Bagley was watching some porn videos, getting his night time wank when he came across someone who looked a fair bit familiar, another freshman student. Bagley decided to find out if it really was who he thought, he approached his classmate and  found out the truth, “Lauren” was a porn star. He agreed to keep her secret. That is until he was attending a fraternity event and couldn’t keep the secret anymore, what college guy could? This lead to an onslaught of hate directed towards Lauren.



A reporter from the university newspaper, The Duke Chronicle got in touch with Lauren to find out more. Lauren agreed to meet with her and tell her story.


“At Duke, I can’t be who I want to be. I really wish I could just do porn and pay for my college and not get shit from people and just be respected as a human being, but clearly that’s not going to happen.”




duke freshman outed as pornstar

After reading the article in The Chronicle, Lauren was quite disappointed with the way that the reporter had portrayed her as “distressingly naive.”  The reporter also stated that Lauren was flaunting her designer bags and expensive tablet. Lauren decided to take matters into her own hands on a Duke based blog where she debunked quite a few of the things the Duke Chronicle reported had said about her.



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