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Porn Star Dani Jensen is known for her petite frame and her beautiful red hair. The talented porn star was recently interviewed by Dave Kingsley of Orgasm News and spoke about her start in the industry to being one of the rare redheads in porn.


Dave Kingsley: How did you get your start in the adult entertainment industry?

Dani Jensen: At first I started out as a waitress at a gentlemen’s club. Then I upgraded to dancer where at one point I took pictures for showgirl of the month. Following the photo shoot they asked me if I’d be interested in having my pictures sent out to a few directors for solo work. The rest is history….


DK: What were you doing before?

Dani: I worked as a hostess/bus girl at Applebees.


DK: How did you come up with your porn star name?

Dani: Dani was my dancer name and my agent choose the last name: Jensen.


Porn Star Dani Jensen Redhead in black topDK: You have a tattoo of a flower. Is there a meaning behind why you got it?

Dani: Yes, it’s a vine that connects 3 flower buds. The 3 flowers represent the 3 people I love most in this world.


DK: You majored in Communications in College. Has the degree come in handy during your time in porn?

Dani: I did not major in Communications whatsoever. I am currently in school acquiring my Associates in Sciences.


DK: Your one of the few red heads in the Industry. How have you used this to your advantage?

Dani: I think it just naturally works to my advantage since gingers are such a commodity these days.


DK: What are some projects you’re working on at the moment?

Dani: I recently worked on the Spice Girls Parody as Ginger spice. I also played Poison Ivy in the Dark Knight a XXX Parody


DK: Are there any porn stars that you admire? If so, who and why?

Dani: I admire anyone who is a genuine performer and also a hard worker!


DK: Have there been any porn stars that you particularly enjoyed working with? Why?

Dani: I have enjoyed working with many females! These sexy ladies include Aaliyah Love, Ruby Knox, Annie Cruz, Ashli Orion, Katie St Ives, Marie McCray, Veronica Avluv, Zoe Nixon, Chanel Preston, Shyla Jennings and Cristy Mac just to name a few…..


Porn Star Dani Jensen in pink topDK: Have their been anyone in the adult industry that you consider a mentor? If so, how have they helped you?

Dani: Derek Hey [LA Direct Models] has done well to guide my career in a positive path.


DK: How important has marketing and branding yourself in the adult film business been for you?

Dani: I admit I’m not the best at keeping up with my social network sites. So I could do better in the marketing department.


DK: Social media including Twitter has been huge for porn stars connecting with fans and industry professionals. How have you utilized in order to bring your career to the next level?

Dani: It works well to get your name out there and lets others see what you’re really like. I just have fun with it.


DK: Can you tell us your wildest sexual experience?

Dani: Probably shooting a scene inside a moving bus with other people watching.


DK: What is a celebrity that you would love to have sex with?

Dani: Channing Tatum!


DK: What would your ultimate sexual fantasy be? Can you tell us about it?

Dani: It’s a secret!


DK: What is your favorite sex position and why?

Porn Star Dani Jensen in orange topDani: Doggy style because that way I can tickle my clit and finger my booty while I steadily get pounded from behind. I cum so quick like that!


DK: What would be your idea of the perfect date?

Dani: Hmmm… A romantic adventure that involves a spontaneous flight to paradise?


DK: What is your secret sexual fetish? How do you discover it?

Dani: Double penetration is a secret sexual fetish, even though I don’t shoot it. I discovered my attraction to DP when I discovered my attraction to doggy style. I like having the clitoral and double penetration with fingers, a butt plug, or a vibrator.


DK: Have your family and friends been supportive of your move into porn?

Dani: They weren’t exactly thrilled. But because I never got sucked into a destructive lifestyle and remained responsible they didn’t have a lot to say. Other then: “It’s not a lifestyle I would have chosen for you but regardless I will always love you.”


DK: What are you thoughts on the Internet? Do you think it’s helping or destroying the porn industry?

Dani: I love the Internet. However, I do not like how it exploits many others hard work.


DK: What is something people don’t know about you?

Dani: Two things you may not know about me is that I am generally shy around new people. And also, I love animals and have a 70lb pit bull!


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