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Mitsuko Doll
January 1
5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
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100 lbs (45 kg)
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Mitsuko Doll
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Don’t Let Mitsuko Doll's Innocent Face Fool You!


Mitsuko Doll has risen through the ranks of webcamming to become one of the most popular cam girls around. With a smoking hot body and her cute face, Mitsuko was an instant hit with web fans with her adventurous streak. Not only that, she has had a big part to play in the design and execution of her personal website. So don’t let her innocent face fool you, she has the brains and raw energy to run her own business!



From Hot Stripper to Popular Webcam Girl


Before she was as stripper. Mitsuko Doll was in college getting her degree in accounting, which made us come to conclusion that if she stayed in that field she would be the sexiest accountant around! But that wasn’t for her and she decided to try stripping. After that, Mitsuko discovered camming and the rest as they say is history!



We Need Mitsuko Doll Porn!


We can’t wait ‘til the day Mitsuko Doll decides to become a fulltime porn star! With her love of camming, sex toys and of course sex, Mitsuko has assembled a loyal fanbase over the net. This exotic dynamo will be ready for the big time when the time comes for her to star in her first feature length porn!



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Dave Kinglsey: First off, you were a dancer before. How and when did you start doing that?


Mitsuko Doll: I was probably about 18, maybe just when I turned 18. One of my childhood girlfriends, she started dancing first, and she was really scared and really nervous and didn't want to go by herself, so on her first day, I went with her, and then we started working right away. I liked it. She ended up quitting after the first day, but I ended up doing it for two and a half years.



DK: I was reading that it was kind of like a strict upbringing. What your parents wanted you to do was, lets say, being a doctor or something like that. Was it kind of like a rebellion thing when you started dancing?


Mitsuko: I don't know if it was a rebellion thing. I was very rebellious, but I was rebellious during like junior high and high school. And I think, by the time I was of age to start dancing, it was more of curiosity…I've always been kind of like independent from my family and my choices are always just, my choices. Not to get back at anyone.



DK: In regards to your friends. What did they think about it?


Mitsuko: It is kind of weird. You see once you enter this industry, you have industry friends and non-industry friends. It is kind of weird because you do want to separate it. A lot of people were against it. I did lose a lot of friends, but I consider those people not to be real friends anyway if they're going to judge you because of a job.



DK: You also then started camming. You have a very interesting story about that. Could share that with us?


Mitsuko: Eventually I was over dancing. I just didn't want to do that anymore. And I was just like oh, should I go the vanilla route, or should I see what else is out there? And then I started looking around online, and then I started on a site called Shakin It. It's a booty dancing site, nude or non-nude. [They paid], and so I sat in my mom's living room and I recorded a video on like the crappy laptop camera. And I recorded a video and uploaded it, and I did well. I started to get more fans and that's how I started. And eventually I started camming on the bigger sites like Stream Me and Live Stream. And now I have my own website that I cam on as well.



DK: For you, when you started becoming more and more popular, what were some of the reasons that your fans started coming back to you? Was something specific that you did?


Mitsuko: I think, at that time when I started working, there were so many Asian girls, like maybe most of the Asian girls worked from studios from Asia, like the Philippines or whatnot. So they didn't really speak a lot of English. And just like most of the cam girls, a few years ago I got lucky because there are a lot of guys that like Asian girls, and I was Asian American, so I could speak English and joke around. I just had more of that American attitude instead of more of that Asian subservient attitude, I guess.



DK: You were talking about your webpage, as well. You own and maintain your webpage, which is pretty interesting. What's been the experience so far, and some of the pros and cons?


Mitsuko: Well so far, I would say it's been a very good experience. I love my website. I feel like it's like my baby. It's my own little business I started. I would say the pros would just be it feels good to know that you own something and it's working out, slowly it's starting to grow. I like just seeing the numbers increase every month. It's also good to get more familiar with your fans, whereas on the big sites, there are a lot of girls, a lot of guys, it's very hectic. But on my site, they can talk to me more one on one.


The bad part would be, well, because I didn't have a lot of experience about being like a webmaster, or even building a page or anything. I got fucked over a lot when it came to people trying to make the design for you, and then just like, in parts of building the site, at first, when I wasn't as informed. A lot of people will take advantage in this industry if they know you're not sure what you're doing.



DK: What aspects of camming do you really enjoy? What keeps you gravitating to doing it?


Mitsuko: I would say the main thing is really the freedom of not having a schedule. Because camming is 24/7. You can come on at

1:00 in the morning, it's busy. You can come on at 3:00 p.m and it's busy. But really, I could be just sitting at home relaxing. If I'm bored, okay, let's do some work! And I like just being able to go with however my mood is. I just think it's a lot of fun. It kind of just feels like hanging out with a bunch of guys who all find you hot and want to pay you for it!



DK: So you have, of course, scheduled shows, but, like, you were just saying, you just go on sometimes? Like for the hell of it?


Mitsuko: I'll try to stick to a schedule just so people can know when to find me, but, like today, I wasn't scheduled to, but I woke up around 7:00 a.m., and I had nothing to do for the next few hours, so I just put on my makeup, put on my little outfit, and logged on for a few hours.



DK: What are some of the craziest requests that you have gotten from your fans out there?


Mitsuko: Well, I do some like fetish stuff too. There are some guys who just kind of want you to like dominate them, so they'll take you to a private chat and have me tell them things to do. Like stick something in your butt, or lick the floor and they'll do it. And they like it!



DK: Oh, so it's the other way around?


Mitsuko: Yeah, sometimes they have their own little fetishes and they want to perform for you, almost. I've seen guys with their own sex toys, and they do their own little show for you while they pay you.



DK: Does that turn you on?


Mitsuko: Sometimes. Sometimes it's kind of, "Oh my God, what am I looking at?" But sometimes, I mean, it is kind of cool that you can just do that. I get turned on when they get turned on by me telling them what to do. It's a power thing more than just seeing someone stick a dildo their butt.



DK: You mentioned a couple of things, like licking the floor,  that you tell them to do these things. What's one thing that really stuck in your mind where it's like what is this guy asking me to tell him to do?


Mitsuko: There's a fetish called the ‘blackmail fetish,’ where the guy gives you all of their information, and the number to their girlfriend's cell phone, or their credit card number or something like that. And then they'll sit there and chat, and be like okay, well, I'll do whatever you want if I don't do what you want, you have the right to blackmail me and like call my girlfriend and tell on me. It is a lot of like crazy head games and stuff.



DK: And this has happened multiple times?


Mitsuko: Actually, probably like five, ten times.



DK: So did you talk to one of their girlfriends?


Mitsuko: Yeah! One of these guys had me call his girlfriend, and then just talk to her on the phone, but not mention, not even mention anything that I'm talking to him about. Like call her with some kind of customer service something…she told me her name just to make it creepy. But he was just watching me on camera talking to her.



DK: And his girlfriend had no idea what was going on?


Mitsuko: No. I can't remember the whole spiel I went through, but it was . . .



DK: And for you, when you look in retrospect, is it kind of funny or creepy. What's your thoughts on that?


Mitsuko: I think it's funny. I enjoy it. It's always nice to get

paid for a show when you don't have to get naked or anything. I think it's entertaining. I don't judge. Peoples’ fetishes or something creepy. It's just not . . .



DK: And now you, when they tell you to do something, what's your favorite kind of scenario? What's your favorite kind of fetish to play out?


Mitsuko: I do like being kind of more dominating. I kind of like yelling at the guys a little bit. But I don't know. I love dancing and stuff, and doing all my old stripper moves on camera for them.



DK: Have you teamed up with other cam girls?


Mitsuko: I have. We've made videos. I haven't had a chance to cam live with another cam girl, but I've met up with other cam girls that work on sites that cam with me, and we've made videos.



DK: Do you think camming is going to continue growing in popularity?


Mitsuko: Yeah, I absolutely think that camming is growing. I mean, if you see all the popular sites out right now, it's all about

social interaction, connecting with people, and giving real life experiences, so I definitely think that camming will continue to grow and continue to be popular.



DK: Is there been any people in the industry or in camming that kind of have given you good advice, and you consider them mentors, or is it something that you did it cold turkey?


Mitsuko: I just spent so much time scouring the Internet just reading, researching as much as I could, but I wouldn't say I had a mentor. But I did definitely like the careers of famous porn stars, and bigger cam girls, and see how they run their shit, and get ideas from that.



DK: There's one or two or even three particular adult performers out there that you really kind of looked up to and that you kind of built your business model from what they did successfully?


Mitsuko: Well, I've always liked porn stars. I've always been a fan of Asa Akira, and Dana DeArmond. I think she's hilarious. And like the really big cam girl is Ariel Rebel and she has her whole network of things going on. And so I see how she is so into her work and always promoting, and she seems like a hard worker. I wouldn't say I copy her, but I see what she does and get new ideas and whatnot.



DK: What has been the importance of branding and marketing for you, especially using social media tools in your increased popularity?


Mitsuko: I think branding and marketing very important,

especially if you're not shooting regularly in porn valley. If you're not one of those girls, who are you, you know? So it's kind of hard for a small time cam girl  to get her name out there. But that's why branding is very important. Just to get your name out there. Fans can be familiar with it, familiar with your type of work. It's always important to have a good image, as someone who works

hard, and someone who's not going scam you, or take all your money and give you mediocre work. So I think it's important.



DK:  Okay. Some fun questions here. What celebrity would you love to have sex with and why?


Mitsuko: Well, I am a very big basketball fan, so I guess I would pick a basketball player. Actually, I would pick Joakim Noah.



DK: Really? Cool!


Mitsuko: I named my cat after him, so. I mean, it's not like

serious. It's not a serious crush, but if I had to pick one, it would be Joakim!



DK: That's kind of cool because you grew up in New York, and New York fans are pretty hardcore about their sports and their sports teams. I was actually just thinking that you were going to pick a player on the Knicks!


Mitsuko: Well, I live in Chicago too, so I would definitely say that I'm more of a Chicago fan than a . . . yeah. I know it's very touchy among fans.



DK: Especially New York and Chicago? Yeah, that's pretty tough, there. So what do you like about, I know he's a fantastic basketball player, but what else kind of attracts you to Joakim Noah?


Mitsuko: He's kind of wild. He never controls his emotions. He gets technical fouls for pouting loudly. He's fun to

watch, and he actually seems like he's down to Earth and not a super pimp athlete or something.



DK: Next question here. What has been your craziest, wildest,

sexual experience that you've been a part of?


Mitsuko: I would say recently it would be the girl on girl videos I made. I mean, you see a girl on camera and you become friends with her online, and then you finally decide to meet up, and then you just meet up, go through small talk, and then you have sex and record it! That’s always kind of bizarre to me to just meet someone, and get to work right away. But it's fun. It's kind of like fucking a stranger, I guess and sharing it with the world!



DK: For that, and doing that, is it something that you were kind of open with in the beginning, or is it something you kind of built . . . your confidence kind of built up until you got to a point where yeah, okay, I can do that.


Mitsuko: I still don't feel that confident about it. I've only

worked with two different girls, and it's all happened this year. I mean, I definitely had to work up to it, because before, I made a video I made a video with a girl, I'd kissed a girl, but I'd never even, like, touched a pussy or anything, let alone eat one out. So, I mean, you have to work up to it, but once you do it, once you're in the position, it's not as frightening. It's actually kind of nice.



DK: So your first experience, for example, kissing a girl and stuff like that was on cam?


Mitsuko: Well, no. You know when girls go out to parties, they'll like kiss and make out with each other, like drunk or whatever. But like seriously making out and getting sexual with a girl, yeah, that was on cam.



DK: What is your favorite sexual position and why?


Mitsuko: I really like missionary, but I don't like to say that because everyone thinks that's boring. But I think missionary's hot. I like to feel the guy on top of me, like his weight, because I'm small. I like feeling, like, smushed, almost by a guy, just him doing all the work. But I like getting on top too.



DK: What would you consider a perfect date?


Mitsuko: A perfect date? I mean I like being taken out to nice

restaurants and stuff, but honestly, a perfect date would just be someone came over to my house, we make up some dinner, have some wine, just talk, maybe watch a movie and cuddle. I don't really like to go out a lot. I'm more, kind of just relax and get close.



DK: Yeah, cool. Going back to a couple of questions to your career I kind of forgot to ask you. You have a very interesting, very cool name. Some people probably know kind of like a little history behind it, but I guess other people don't, including myself. How did you pick that name?


Mitsuko: Mitsuko? I actually haven't told a lot of people, so a lot of people might hear this for the first time even though I've been using that name for a while. But it's mystical. It's from, I picked it, it's from a Japanese movie called Battle Royale. I just thought the character was badass. She's kind of like a high school, not man hater, but she's like, she doesn't mess around, she kills a bunch of people. Not that I'm a killer, but the character was just pretty badass.



DK: A lot of your fans out there are probably interested in this, and again, as your popularity grows. Are you thinking sometime in the future of going into more hardcore films and production?


Mitsuko: I definitely get asked like every day. And it's

definitely on my mind. I'm not against it, but I'm not like to do it tomorrow. I'm kind of just enjoying my time in the industry, and seeing where it all takes me. I can't even picture where I'm going to be in like a year.



DK: You've been in camming for a while now. What kind of advice would you give girls thinking about getting into doing their own cam work and stuff like that?


Mitsuko: I would say, honestly, just be yourself because there's so many cam girls. It is like saturated. And a lot of times people just try to copy the successful cam girls, and put on a fake personality. And that usually doesn't work. Usually the guys just want to sit there and see you be who you are. You don't have to be an over the top super sex vixen. You can just be, like, Jane from Ohio and they'll love it.


DK: You talked about, before, like a minute or two ago about gang bang. Is it something that you . . . is that one of your fantasies?


Mitsuko: I don't know about a gang bang. A gang bang seems kind of rough. Maybe, like a small train. Like a mini train, of like two or three guys. A gang bang, I consider like 10, 12 guys, so maybe like two guys. I've never done it.



DK: And another thing I found out about you. You don't at the moment have an agent. How's that working out?


Mitsuko: It can be hard because you can't really find work unless you get into the right connections or whatever, but I think now I don't really, since I'm not planning on shooting with a bunch of studios and bigger companies, I don't think an agent is really necessary. Maybe some time in the future when I'm ready to get booked for bigger roles.



DK: And what is something people don't know about you?


Mitsuko: That they don't know about me. I recently have been like

getting into like meditation and all this spiritualness and eating healthy. I don't really share that a lot, I guess.



DK: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you today!


Check out Mitsuko's Two-part series on Being a Cam girl exclusively written for Orgasm News.






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