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Tasha Reign is one of the hottest young porn stars around and she does it all while going to college! Dave Kingsley spoke to the former Penthouse Pet of the Month about school and skyrocketing career.


Dave Kingsley: How did you get into the adult entertainment industry? 

Tasha Reign: I was dancing at a strip club called Silver Reign and decided to submit modeling photos to playboy and from there wanted to do more hardcore stuff so I found the best agency in the around which is LA Direct models!


DK: What were you doing before it?

Tasha: During your first year you did primarily Lesbian scenes. What were some of your favorite scenes and porn stars that you worked with? Why did you start out in this niche?

Porn Star Tasha Reign HeadshotNo I did lesbian scenes for two months, and solo pictures before that.  I love all the scenes I have shot for my site and my new movies, probably scenes with Danny Mountain, Ben English, Keiran Lee, I like the accent! I started out with girls because my agent said to [laughs]


DK: You’ve only been in the industry for a few years. What have you learned business-wise from it so far? What projects are you currently working on?

Tasha: I have learned a lot and I am definitely thinking of business ideas on the regular, recently I started making movies and signed with a distributor.


DK: Are you considering a mainstream crossover in the future? Is it something you would want to do? 

Tasha: Sure why not! I’m very open to many entertainment fields and I love being in front of the camera!


DK: Earlier on in the year you will photographed with Bill Clinton. How was your experience meeting him? Can you tell us how the photo opt came about?

Tasha: Silly picture taken with my friend at a party we were invited to.


DK: You’re currently going to college. How are you balancing your busy shooting schedule and school?

Tasha: I go to UCLA and Ill finish by next year, I plan my classes and shoot around them or visa versa, porn comes first though.  I don’t know that much about the picture.


DK: You wrote something about your favorite women, which include Brooklyn Lee and Molly Cavalli. Do you consider them your mentors? 

Porn Star Tasha Reign with purple topTasha: I mean Brooklyn is my best friend and just an amazing performer, there’s a reason she is starlet of the year this year and also nominated for performer of the year.


DK: Who else have been your mentors in the industry? 

Tasha: Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct Models is a mentor to me, he is a businessman I look up to him.


DK: Who are the porn stars that you admire? Why? 

Tasha: Spencer Scott is pretty hot, she is the only playmate I know that does hardcore porn and I think that is badass.


DK: Have there been any porn stars that you particularly enjoyed working with? Why? 

Tasha: I like so many of them but Brazzers picks great male talent.


DK: How has being a Penthouse Pet of the Month been to your career? How was the experience?

Tasha: Penthouse Pet was an honor and I think its an accolade in adult entertainment to get that centerfold.  I love having that title


DK: What’s the wildest sexual experience you have ever been a part of? 

Tasha: I think my wildest sex experience was for my own site with Peter North for my first anal scene.


DK: What is a celebrity that you would love to have sex with? Why? 

Porn Star Tasha Reign as PrincessTasha: Mila Kunis is so fine.  I would fuck her good and long!


DK: How have you used Social Media including Twitter to further your career? 

Tasha: I love social media and the Internet, just an amazing idea and invention overall.  I think it is an easy way to market and brand any career.  More so adult because of those xxx site and photos


DK: Do you have any sexual fetishes? If so, how did you get into those fetishes?

Tasha: I love being spanked, I don’t know why!


DK: What would your ultimate sexual fantasy be?

Tasha: I want to be fucked by 5 hot guys with accents [laughs]


DK: What is your favorite sex position and why?  

Tasha: Doggy style because the guy is in control.


DK: Can you describe what a perfect date for you would be like? 

Tasha: I like comfy clothing, a good movie and some vegan gourmet food…. hours of sex too!


DK: What are you thoughts on the Internet? Do you think it’s helping or destroying the porn industry? 

Tasha: I think it has changed it forever and some aspects are making is more difficult to monetize content.


DK: What is something people don’t know about you?  

Tasha: I think I’m all out there…I’m more of a home body and enjoy to just lounge around a lot.


DK: Thanks again for your time Tasha!

Porn Star Tasha Reign with Friend

You can connect with Tasha via Twitter @TashaReign


Tasha Reign

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