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Porn Star Courtney Cummz entered porn in 2004 and skyrocketed to become one of the most popular girls in porn. She is known for her high-energy sex-scenes and specialization in hardcore anal as well as gonzo. Dave Kingsley of Orgasm News spoke to Courtney about her career in porn, her life before porn and her thoughts on Social Media.



Dave Kingsley: You have an interesting story of how you got into porn. Can you tell us about it?

Courtney Cummz: I was a broke college student living in Florida. I had a neighbor who did porn and she told me that I could make great money. I love to fuck and I decided to make money fucking.


DK: You did various jobs before getting into porn including a cocktail server at a nudist resort. How was that experience and your experiences at your other jobs?

Porn Star Courtney Cummz posingCourtney: The nudist resort was a fun loving place. All the people there were living the nudist lifestyle. It was a place full of love and positive energy. I was a cocktail server and loved that job. I also was a server at Applebee’s.


DK: How did you come up with your porn star name?

Courtney: I go by CC and I love to cum. So I decided to go with Courtney Cummz.


DK: What are some current projects your working on?

Courtney: I am a guest each week on The Tony Kornheiser Radio Show on ESPN 980 in Washington DC. I make my NFL lock of the week. I stay busy with my website, and my store,  I will be feature dancing December 6-8 T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida. I will be dancing at Fantasies in Baltimore on December 12.


DK: What are your favorite types of scenes?

Courtney: I love doing anal scenes


DK: Who are the porn stars that you admire? Why?

Courtney: I admire Roxy Reynolds so much. I appreciate her hustle and her work ethic. She is someone I admire and look up to.


DK: Have you had any mentors in the industry? If so, who are they and how have they helped you?

Courtney: I was my own mentor. I learned through the school of hard knocks.


DK: Have you yourself been a mentor to any girls that have entered the industry?

Courtney: I have mentored several girls who I seen a lot of me in them.


DK: Have there been any porn stars that you particularly enjoyed working with? Why? 

Porn Star Courtney Cummz in bikiniCourtney: I love shooting Alexis Texas. She is awesome to shoot. I love shooting with James Deen. He is very professional and has a great sense of humor.


DK: What is the wildest sexual story that you can tell us?

Courtney: I did a hot hour scene for Courtney’s Chain Gang that started with me solo, then two girls, then a DP, them an all black blow bang with three guys. It was very hot.


DK: Your one of the most popular porn stars on Twitter! What are your thoughts on Twitter and Social Media? How has it helped you bring you to the next level in your career?

Courtney: I think that it is an awesome tool that I can use to market myself and interact with fans. It gives me the opportunity to share what is going on at that moment and stay connected with my fans. I can share the truth of what is really going on.


DK: You studied both Fashion Design and Marketing. How important has branding and marketing been to you in your career?

Courtney: It is very important to know how to market and brand myself. I don’t have to depend on someone creating the brand. I also think my psychology classes have helped me connect and understand what people are going through so I can help.


DK: Have you used your Fashion Design background while in porn? If so, can you give us an example?

Courtney: Yes!  I style the girls in my movies. I design the costumes I feature dance in.


DK: What is a celebrity that you would love to have sex with?

Courtney: Kim Kardashian is on the list. I love her fat ass. Michelle Beadle from Access Hollywood is on the list too. She is beautiful and has a banging body!  I love her humor too.


DK: What’s your ultimate sex fantasy?

Courtney: To have sex on the beach with a man.


DK: What is your favorite sex position and why?

Courtney: I love doggy because the cock can get deep inside.


DK: Can you tell us the time that you had the biggest orgasm of your life?

Porn Star Courtney Cummz in Bikini showing assCourtney: The first time I experienced my Hitachi Massager. AMAZING!


DK: Can you describe what a perfect date for you would be like?

Courtney: Candlelight dinner, soft music, watching a movie on the couch and a nice fucking.


DK: What is your favorite fetish you like to indulge in?

Courtney: I love my toys.


DK: What are you thoughts on the Internet? Do you think it’s helping or destroying the porn industry?

Courtney: I don’t like the free sites where people can watch my stuff for free. If no one is paying to watch porn, no porn will be produced.


DK: What is something people don’t know about you?

Courtney: I quit smoking this year and feel a million times better!




You can connect with her via Twitter  @CourtneyCummz  And be sure to vote for Courtney in the Hunt for Orgasm Girl contest by clicking the Badge below:

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